Registration process

National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) in Western Australia has commenced. Under NRVR, you must hold primary registration with an Australian Veterinary Board in the jurisdiction of your principal place of residence. Under NRVR you are permitted to work in WA as a veterinarian for up to 3 months at any one time. If you wish to work longer than 3 months at any one time you will need to register with the Veterinary Practice Board of WA.

Apply Now

The Board needs to be in receipt of the following:

  • A letter of good standing from ALL Boards/Councils you are currently registered with, valid for 3 months from date of issue. This is sent directly to us from the relevant Board at your request;
  • Completed online application;
  • Current CV with details of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses attended in the last 3 years.
  • Certified copy of your primary veterinary degree;
  • Certified copy of your current passport or other photographic ID; and
  • Payment of the applicable fees.

Further information about certifying documents can be located here.

Once all the relevant documentation has been received by the Board, we will contact you to let you know if any further information is needed or if a registration interview with the Registrar is required.

If all your documentation is satisfactory, you will be able to work as soon as you have been interviewed by the Registrar (if an interview is required) and paid the prescribed fees. You are reminded that you are responsible for keeping your address up to date with the Board, both your personal and work address.


Australian qualifications

There are seven veterinary schools in Australia. They are:

Murdoch University, Western Australia – BSc, BVMS, DVM
University of Melbourne, Victoria – DVM
University of Sydney, New South Wales – BVSc
University of Queensland, Queensland – BVSc
James Cook University, Queensland – BVSc
Charles Sturt University, New South Wales – BVSc
University of Adelaide, South Australia – DVM

The qualifications awarded by these schools satisfy the formal academic requirements for registration by all Australian veterinary registration boards.

New Zealand qualifications

A degree (BVSc) from the College of Sciences Massey University in New Zealand is recognised as an eligible qualification for registration by all Australian veterinary registration boards.

Overseas qualifications

If you are an overseas trained veterinary surgeon, there are three ways in which you can enter the profession in Australia.

  • By immediate recognition of your overseas qualifications.
    The Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc recognises some overseas qualifications as providing the holder with eligibility to apply for registration as a veterinarian in Australia and New Zealand without further examination. Further information is available at the AVBC website.
  • By completing a veterinary degree at an Australian veterinary school.
  • By successfully completing the Australasian Veterinary Examination (AVE).
    The AVE has been developed to assist veterinarians who qualified overseas to obtain registration in Australia, thus enabling them to continue to practise in their profession. Procedures have been established by which eligible overseas trained veterinarians may establish their competence to practise in Australia. You can undertake the AVE only if you have been formally assessed as meeting the eligibility criteria to sit the examination. Further information is available at the AVBC website.

Types of registration and fees

Application fee for registration is $142 (except for honorary registration which is $34). The registration fees are as below.

Full registration as veterinarian – one year from 1st July to 30th June $465 plus application fee = $607.

NB: After January 1 each year, registration is calculated on a pro rata basis at $45 per month to the end of June each year.

Honorary – if approved (40 years service) may undertake acts of veterinary science – $57 plus application fee $34 = $91. Honorary registration is only awarded if the Board is satisfied that the veterinary surgeon’s standing in the profession justifies their registration as an Honorary Veterinary Surgeon. Please see Guidelines for Registration as Honorary Veterinary Surgeon under the Guidelines tab of the Vet header.

If you are residing overseas and require registration in WA please contact the Board office to discuss your options.

New Graduates

New graduates who have not previously been registered or worked in any other jurisdiction pay $284 for their initial  registration.

Letters of good standing

If you wish to register with a veterinary board/council in another state or country you may be asked to provide them with a letter of good standing from the competent authority you are currently registered with.

A letter of good standing confirms that you are currently registered with the Veterinary Practice Board, that you are not the subject of any disciplinary enquiries and that there are no disciplinary findings against you.

To request a letter of good standing, please contact the Board via email and allow 5 working days for your request to be completed. There is no fee for letters of good standing.