Registration process

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Upon completion of the required qualification, application should be made on Form 15 and returned with the prescribed fee to the Veterinary Practice Board.
If approved by the Board, the approval will need to be renewed each year before 30 June in order to continue working as a veterinary nurse.

The application fee for a veterinary nurse, which includes approval until 30 June is $120.00

The renewal fee for one year of approval as a veterinary nurse is $74.00 


Successful completion of the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing course qualifies graduates to apply for approval as a Veterinary Nurse with the Veterinary Practice Board.

Holders of qualifications other than the Certificate IV will need to contact the Board office to discuss further.

Veterinary Nurses Council

The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA) has a branch in Western Australia. The VNCA offers support and direction for Veterinary Nurses and sets and maintains standards for excellence in animal care through quality education.

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